Use our betting glossary to understand popular betting terms

T : Tic-tac | Tipster | Tissue | Tote Pool | Transatlantic Double | Tricast | Trixie | Treble | True Odds | Turnover Requirements

U : Under-round | Unders/Overs

V : Value Bet | Void Bet

W : Weight of Money | Withdrawn | Win-Draw-Win

Y : Yankee


Tic-tac – a means of communicating odds movements between on-course bookmakers. Effectively defunct due to the electronic communication but slang such as Levels You Devils (Evens), Burlington Bertie (100/30) and Double Carpet (33/1) still survive.

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Tipster – somebody, usually a journalist, who recommends selections in an event. The likes of Templegate, Pricewise and Thunderer are well-known tipsters (although the actual people writing will change)

Tissue – an early prediction of betting odds before the market has been formed. Often used for newspaper racecards where no betting market has been formed.

Tote Pool – a form of betting where money is pooled together and winner’s paid out from that pool of money. Popular on-course for both horse and greyhound racing and also off-course for bets such as Jackpots and Placepots.

Transatlantic Double – a popular bet on golf which backs a selection on the PGA Tour and a selection on the European Tour. Often backed as an each-way double to increase the chance of a return with a place for both players producing a return.

Tricast – predicting the first, second and third in an event. Popular in horse and greyhound racing, they often produce bumper payouts with four figure dividends.

Trixie – a permutation bet with three selections. A bet with 4 bets: 3 doubles and a treble.

Treble – a multiple bet involving three selections.

True Odds – an estimation of the actual probability of a selection. Often betting odds are used to imply true odds or probability especially when talking about favourites in politics, popular culture etc

Turnover Requirements – usually in connection with a sign-up bonus, the number of times a bonus and/or deposit amount must be bet before any winnings are eligible to withdraw as cash. For example a turnover requirement of x20 means a bonus amount of £50 must be bet to a total stake of £1000 before any winnings can be withdrawn.

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Under-round – a market with a betting margin below 100%. Rarely the odds offered by the same bookmaker but often taken advantage by arbers across two or more bookmakers.

Unders/Overs – popular football market predicting the total goals under or over a value in a match. Usually these markets are quoted as halves as it discounts a draw.


Value bet – a bet which is considered advantageous as it’s believed the true odds are shorter than the bookmaker odds. Any profitable betting strategy should aim for value bets.

Void bet – a bet which is cancelled and the stake is returned on a selection. Where a void bet is included in a multiple bet the selection is given a price of 1.0.


Weight-of-money – a term used for the dynamics of betting markets where money will push a price down. A large bet with one bookmaker will push down the price for that selection with them which normally has a cascading effect on other bookmakers.

Withdrawn – a selection which is taken out of an event – often after the betting market is formed. In the case of a horse race it may result in a Rule 4 applied to returns.

Win-Draw-Win – a term often used for the match betting market. Emphasises the point that a match will have three possibilities in match.


Yankee – a popular permutation bet with four selections. 4 selection wager consisting of 11 bets: 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a four-fold accumulator

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